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Carpet Beetle Control Teignbridge, Torbay & South Hams

You can rely on the expertise of ACE Pest Management to help you clear your property of carpet beetle infestations. Based in Newton Abbot, we are specialists in the control and removal of carpet beetles and are able to provide professional, safe treatments without damaging your property or the environment.

About Carpet Beetles                                                           

Adult Carpet Beetles are 2-4mm in length

Adult Colour - variable, brown or black and mottled with yellow or white scales

Females produce 20-100 cream-coloured eggs which are 0.5mm long

In 2-4 weeks larvae emerge to give the characteristic hairy ‘woolly bears’

The larvae avoid light and curl up into a ball when disturbed

The length of the larval life will depend upon the beetles environment 

Larvae will generally moult at least 6 times, possibly more

Pupation takes place in the last larval skin and and lasts for 10-30 days

The adults live for 2-6 weeks and are able to fly to food sources and search for  new egg laying sites

Carpet Beetle Treatment

Due to the wandering habits of carpet beetle insects, they are capable of infesting wide areas, making them difficult to control.

The first step in carpet beetle control is to try and locate the source of infestation. This could be an old bird nest, animal remains, wool-based lagging, wool-based furnishings or the dust and debris that tends to accumulate between and around the floorboards.  

Any identified sources of infestation should be double bagged, removed from the property and disposed of.  Continued visual inspections for further signs and regular cleaning are also important.

Following the initial inspection, your Pest Control Technician will carry out a professional redidual insecticide spray treatment to the floor areas to ensure that all larvae are killed.  A ULV space spray treatment can also be administered to remove any flying adults in the property.  On completion of the treatment, you will be provided with a detailed written report and recommendations.

All treatments carried out by ACE Pest Management comply with current health and safety legislation and COSSH.

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