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Moth Control Torbay, Teignbridge & South Hams

You can rely on the expertise of ACE Pest Management to help you clear your property of clothes moth infestations. Based in  Newton Abbot, we are specialists in the control and removal of clothes moths and are able to provide professional, safe treatments without damaging your property or the environment.

About Clothes Moths

The common clothes moth is generally light yellow/brown in colour and has a shiny luster, with a wing span between 12 - 16 mm. The larvae are dirty yellow with a yellow-brown head and can reach a length of 7 - 9 mm

The case bearing clothes moth is less common. The larvae spin a small silken case around themselves as they feed. The cigar-shaped case enlarges as the larva grows, and when crawling, the larva's head, thorax, and three pairs of legs drag it along

  • Life Span: Up to one month for the adult male and less for the females.
  • Developmental time from egg to adult varies from one to three months but can be a lot longer in some situations.

Often found around carpets, clothing & material made from natural fibres such as wool, common clothes moths and case-bearing clothes moths are a common pest. Clothes moths prefer to avoid light, choosing to hide in folds of fabrics, corners, cracks and crevices in quiet undisturbed areas. Commonly affected areas include:

  • Attic Spaces
  • Wardrobes
  • Drawers
  • Floor Spaces
  • Basements

Moth Treatment

Before any treatment, clear as much floor space as possible to ensure that good access is available to all areas when the treatment is carried out. Floors and furniture should be thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed, the vacuum should be emptied outside and the contents double bagged before placing in the bin. Any fabrics ( clothing, linen, blankets, rugs, towels & curtains ) in the affected areas should also be thoroughly cleaned. Being thorough is important when treating a clothes moth infestation as problems can quickly return if the areas are not treated sufficiently.  For health & safety reasons, the property will need to be vacated before the treatments are carried out along with any pets. 

Following the initial inspection, your Pest Control Technician will carry out a professional insecticide spray treatment to the floor areas to remove eggs & larvae, followed by a ULV space spray treatment to remove the flying adults in the property.  Theses treatments are specifically used to control clothes moth infestations. On completion of the treatment, you will be provided with a detailed written report, and offered advice that will help minimise the risk of future infestations.

All treatments carried out by ACE Pest Management comply with current health and safety legislation and COSSH.

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