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Cluster Fly Control Torbay, Teignmouth & South Hams

Clear your property of pests with ACE Pest Management's cluster fly control services. Commonly found throughout the UK and Europe, these flies cluster together in large numbers and hibernate in buildings over the autumn and winter months. Based in Newton Abbot, Devon, we are experts in insect management and are able to provide cluster fly control treatments without damaging either your property or its environment.

About Cluster Flies

Varying in size between species, cluster flies measure between 3mm and 10mm. During the summer and early autumn months, they are rarely noticed as they are away from buildings. The adult cluster fly feeds on the nectar of garden and wildflowers. It also lays its eggs in the garden soil in springtime when the weather warms up.

As the season cools, they will seek shelter in nooks and crannies in houses and other buildings. The length of the cluster flies’ life cycle is weather dependent. In Britain two generations of cluster flies are commonplace, but in hot summers, up to four generations are possible.

Our Treatment

We use ULV/Fogging equipment to effectively disperse an insecticide into the affected area, which is most commonly the loft space. The length of time for the treatment to be carried out will depend on the size of the space to be treated.

Following the treatment, the cluster flies will become very active and will start to die very quickly. This usually starts within a few minutes of the treatment being administered. The insecticide will destroy the current generation of cluster flies but will not prevent future generations from entering the property.

All treatments carried out by ACE Pest Management comply with current health and safety legislation and COSHH.

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