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CCTV Drain Inspection For Rats

Rats commonly travel through the drainage system of domestic and commercial properties, going unnoticed until they appear above ground.  When rats are able to gain access to property wall cavities, voids or roof spaces via a fault in the drain system, it will naturally provide the ideal environment for the rats to setup home and rear their young. If you can hear rats moving around walls, pipes, under the floor or in the roof space and no obvious entry points have been identified around the property, there is a good possiblity that the rats are coming out of a faulty drain. ACE Pest Management offer a complete rat control & CCTV drain inspection service to remove rats from your property in Exeter, Teignbridge & Torbay areas of Devon.

 CCTV Drain Inspection

The main purpose of our CCTV drain inspection for rat activity is to find evidence of rats & entry points that rats can use to enter into the property when other options have been exhausted, or where there is a long standing rat problem that has not been resolved by the use of rat traps or rat baits. Rats entering properties via the drain sysem is a common theme with rat infestations that keep returning after baiting or trapping treatments have been carried out. 


ACE Pest Management are able to offer our customers a CCTV drain inspection service where rats are beleived to be entering the property via a fault in the drain system. Our specialist CCTV drain inspection camera allows us to record video footage, sound & take photos of any defects found in the drain system that rats could potentially exit from for a distance of up to 30 metres. The video & photo files can be recorded onto a memory card which can be sent to the client following the drain inspection.

Solving your rat problem

Solving a long standing rat problem is no easy task. If previous baiting and trapping methods have not resoved the problem & the rats keep returning, there must be an undiscovered entry point into the property, there is a good possibilty that the rat entry point will be due to a faulty drain. Quite often when rats are using the drain system to gain entry to a property there can be periods of inactivty, this can be an indication that the rats are leaving the property to visit a food and water source. If the rats are not entering your property to gain access to a food source such as the kitchen, then they will need to be feeding & drinking somewhere else on a daily basis.

  • The first thing we will do on arrival at your property is to gain as much information from yourself about the rat activity at the property, this may give us a starting point according to the activity of the rats. We will then carry out a full inspection of the property both internally and externally to check for rat activity & potential entry points. This will also include the lifting of drain covers and checking the manhole for signs of rat activity. 
  • Following the inspection, if we beleive that rats are using the drain system to enter the property,  we can carry out our own CCTV drain inspection to establish where rodents may be leaving the drain and entering the property, this could be a broken drain, redundant pipe, tree root damage or where rats have gnawed through a joint or weak point in the pipe. Where there is evidence of the rats entering the property via the drains, we prefer to place traps in the property instead of poison on the first visit to remove rats internally, this method is chosen to try and avoid rodents dying in areas of the property where we cannot gain access and remove the carcass. This method is also kinder to the wider environment.
  • To prevent rats using the drain system at your property we are able to supply and fit a stainless steel rat valve. This rat valve will stop rats entering your drain system while still allowing your waste to flow away downstream to the main sewer. It's essentially a one way valve designed to stop rat entry to drain systems.
  • When we are called to solve a rat infestation, we ensure no stone is unturned to remove the rat problem & stop the rats returning to your property. We do not just put rodenticide baits down and clear the current infestation, we want to make sure that not only have the rats been removed but also to ensure the rats will never return to your property. We will stay with you for as long as it takes to resolve your rat problem giving you complete peace of mind. We will stay in contact with you during the whole treatment process and will adjust our visits according to the activity of the rats and your schedule.

All treatments carried out by ACE Pest Management comply with current health and safety legislation and COSSH.

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