Keeping Your Solar Farm Pest Free

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Solar Farm Pest Control & Prevention

For high-quality pest control services for your Solar Farm in Devon, look no further than ACE Pest Management. With our in-depth knowledge and experience with pest species, we are able to provide professional, environmentally friendly pest control services to help your solar farm continue to maximise output and up time. Whether it’s regular pest control inspection visits or just a one-off emergency call out, we can provide whatever pest control service you require. Our pest control policy is based on prevention and monitoring with the minimum use of chemical treatments.

Pests and wildlife will be naturally attracted to the solar panels because of the warmth that they provide. The structures by nature will have areas that could provide the perfect spot for pests to setup home. Rodents need to constantly gnaw which could lead to significant cable/structure damage and even fire risk. Wasp and hornet nests will be constructed late spring and will continue throughout the summer months, or even through Autumn. Wasps can be generally aggresive towards people especially when working in close proximity to the nest site. Wasps can sting multiple times and can be very painful, most people will recover fairly quickly from a sting but if the person is allergic to wasp stings it can cause a severe allergic reaction.  Wasps can build their nests within holes in the ground, hollow trees, within bushes and attach nests to the internal & external areas of structures. 

Other wildlife that could potentially cause problems on a solar farm include rabbits, birds & moles.

To prevent any pest activity at your solar farm site it is advisable to have at least an inspection visit carried out by a certified pest controller. This can highlight any current or potential future pest problems before they become a problem for you. 

Solar Farm Pest Control

By understanding the importance of a pest-free environment,   ACE Pest Management can offer a professional and effective proactive pest control service to enable your solar farm to continue to maximise output & remain pest free. We will always use environmentally friendly methods of control as a first choice to protect the surrounding natural environment.

Solar Farm

  • Rat Control

  • Mouse Control

  • Grey Squirrel Control

  • Wasp Nest Removal

  • Hornet Nest Removal

  • Pest Proofing

  • Emergency Call-Outs

  • Regular Routine Inspections

Pest Control Solutions for Solar Farms in Devon

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