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Wasp Nest Removal in Exeter and the Surrounding Areas | Professional Pest Control

If you are concerned about a wasp nest on your property in Exeter or the surrounding areas, do not hesitate to call ACE Pest Management. We provide wasp nest treatments to solve wasp issues for home and business owners, keeping properties safe and pest-free. While many people believe wasp nest removal is the solution, this can be dangerous and ineffective. The best option is to treat the nest with an approved insecticide.

Whether you need commercial pest control or pest treatments for a residential property, our team is ready to help. We adjust our services to the specifics of each site and infestation, ensuring optimal results.

We invite you to read our testimonials to see why ACE Pest Management is a trusted choice for local pest and wasp control services.

Please Note – ACE Pest Management does not offer treatments for bee nests. We recommend contacting a local beekeeper for advice.

Is Wasp Control Necessary?

It is not always necessary to remove wasps, but many people prefer to get rid of them to prevent getting stung. Wasp stings can be painful but are rarely serious. However, some people may experience an allergic reaction or even anaphylactic shock.

If you are worried about a wasp nest, it is advisable to arrange professional wasp nest removal to keep everyone at your property safe. Do not attempt to remove a nest yourself as you risk being severely stung - wasps become aggressive and sting when they feel threatened.


Hornet and Wasp Nest Treatment

Our team will inspect your property for pest activity and recommend the best course of action to remove them. To eliminate wasps, we apply an approved professional insecticide to the nest site in the form of a spray or dust treatment.

Wasp nest removal is not necessary because wasps do not reuse their nests, so will not come back to it the following year. Treating the nest and nesting wasps or hornets is the safest, most effective pest control method.

ACE Pest Management provides the following services to customers in Exeter and the surrounding areas:

  • Pest Investigations

  • Approved Insecticide Treatments

  • Wasp Pot Traps

  • Wasp Elimination and Control

Following wasp nest treatment, we provide pest prevention and proofing recommendations where necessary.

Wasp Pot Traps

As well as treating wasp nest sites, we can supply wasp pot traps for use in food storage and processing areas. These are designed to safely trap large numbers of wasps by luring them in with a wasp attractant.

Once inside the trap, they are unable to find their way out, providing an effective pest control solution.

Contact ACE Pest Management on 07548 349015 for wasp nest removal in Exeter and the surrounding Devon areas.